Hold Me – Letters From The Village

Patient One McClellanville

Hold Me

Will you dance with me between the places that I go?

Embrace me in my living, hold me as I tilt the world.

Brace me in your warmth, lest I spill my all

Over the sides, while I slant and whirl

And still the spinning

Steady all the wobblels, falters, shakes and

Trembles, oh my heart

You said you would and still you do

A quarter century ago.

The puddling shows me how two are better

I see the low slung hammock reflecting in the sun and now I know

That two are better than one, for us.

The high, the real is strong and there

Its other half shines radiant from below.

Together there is beauty in reflection

Mirrored as they are.

Dance and hold me in my spinning places

Dip and dive and walk me tandem to the place of grace.

Walk me down this road of aging,

While we are still two.

Hold me, by the hand and by the heartt

Brace my soul, cup it safely in your palms,

We do not know what’s yet to come.

I only know I do not want to dance alone.

mcclellanville sunset jeremy


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