Uncover Laughter

laughing sister

May you give laughter away today.
Gift it.
To someone.
And may it be given back to you.
Uncovered from the cold blanket of grief
And sorrow.
Set free to soar
Released to heal.

May you give laughter away today.
Hand it to the hurting.
Bellow from your belly
Into a world in pain.

May you grab a sister by the hand
And know the sweet sweet joy
Anew after a long cold season
When it seemed to hide
Buried under mounds of circumstance.

Bring the gift
Receive the gift
Embrace the gift

Long, loud, lovely



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11 thoughts on “Uncover Laughter

  1. And you too, friend. Find the joy and delight of God in the ordinary gifts of God and the resurrection laughter!

  2. What a wonderful gift from you – it made me laugh and smile, and made me want to share it – I’ll be watching for chances to share laughter this weekend – thank you!!

    1. Maureen thank you for being an encourager and for visiting my place. You are a treasure. May your Easter be delightful and grace-filled. And I hope that Spring is warming your skin. Love and grace, elizabeth

  3. We have friends coming to visit tonight, I was thinking earlier that what we relly need to do is laugh with them – and now, here are your words, spoken straight from His heart to mine, thank you!

  4. How I LOVE to laugh and though I didn’t read it the day you posted it, you did post this on my birthday. And it was indeed a day of laughter. Thank you for sharing this joy!

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