Into The Beautiful

The broken shards, the razor sharp edges , cut like jagged glass. And we bleed. We bleed red, we bleed tears, we bleed fear and trembling.

The spinning earth throws us into a tailspin, head long into her tail winds. Upright vertical, we  now are nearly horizontal. Stretched by the force of  gale force winds of living.

We walk limp and slant. We walk bent and drag our weary cane, invalids on the life march.

Without Your beauty. Rust and all.


Frame for me the beautiful every time and everywhere. Share your canvas, ripe and waiting.
And let me paint with You.

Lend  your kaleidoscope eyes to me. To see a sky while still barely breathing. Battered from the power of beautiful. Shaken by creation’s power. Every single time. You repeat and re-repeat your holy masterpieces. And form them into new again.

Point me toward the beautiful so I can see as you.

mcclellanville sunset jeremy

Hold me in the beautiful, while frayed edges of my soul seem faint and frail and close to death. Mark the God art everywhere and peel the scales from my blind eyes. Take the old and make it new, once again.  you create and re-create at speeds  which dizzy human flesh,  spinning life  in your  formed beautiful.

I lay awestruck in the path of creation’s beautiful. Its blazing trail of color, texture, shape and form.


Heal me with Your beautiful. Cradle me in the woven glory of your hands. Shelter me in storms of lovely where brilliant moons and radiant light drip down on life lived here. Walk me toward the beautiful. And lay me down in sheets of white linen crisp and cool. Where I  can slumber in the beautiful with knowing of your holy steady hand.

Rock me roll me into a holy beautiful, where I can dance with You. And wake to waltz in fields of beautiful, growing outside the portal of my world.

Teach me, show me beautiful, when broken cries come look at me. And help me see Your beautiful in the midst of raging deadly seas.

Just wrap me up in rags of sacred lovely. That bind my bleeding wounds. And let me feel your healing hands surround me as I lay there soaking in the salty waters, beautiful on sandy shores of grace.

Wash me in the white hot beautiful, clean, awake and ready to receive all beauty made by you. Remove the blinders on my eyes which block the morning dew and green spring new. That shadow, hide the up and coming shoots of Earth’s new offerings.

Blue Moon HMM

And point me toward your beautiful, in broken, shattered, hurting places.

Teach me how to  find the beautiful. Paint it, write it, sing it out. Loud enough to echo toward the deaf ,yet soft enough to whisper with a sweet I love you.

Just spin me, twirl me, brace me in the broken beautiful so I can weave a masterpiece of beauty. And point always back to you.

With your gentle hands of grace.

Lead me steady straight

And cross me over mercifully,

Into beautiful.


I’m asking God for one thing, only one thing: To live with him in his house my whole life long. I’ll contemplate his beauty; I’ll study at his feet. – The Message, Psalm 27


Joining Emily and the group of writers there that have become friends at Imperfect Prose on Thursdays. Come by and read, visit, quietly or drop your own words into the link up there.  Emily’s is the place for grace.


log over creek w moss

7 thoughts on “Into The Beautiful

  1. whoa! love the changes in your blog! you’ve created quite a sweet spot — both in your blog design and in your words.
    and this piece? love how it heals, the beautiful. i can attest to that. over and over. all the red, ragged, tearful places. and for the ones not yet closed up with flesh? i still believe.
    thank you, dear friend. always.

  2. Your blog looks beautiful, friend! I enjoy the new digs, and the beautiful voice you write with. Looking for beautiful, we always find Him.

  3. every time i read your writing…it wraps itself around me and just fills me with truth and life journey. thank you friend. I find it to be such a blessing that while you were in the fishing village you found such hope-filled names on those boats.

    This leads me to think about whether the fishermen take a conscious knowledge of the name of their boats as they are upon the seas.

    i love you dear poet and spirit filled friend

  4. Oh Elizabeth, everything about this just sings. Let us walk each other into the beautiful, the every day, all the time, beautiful. Because Life is Beautiful and I do believe that we have each other to help turn our eyes to its song. Love you.

  5. Bless you, friend, for the ways you speak of all that is made new. This beauty wrapped differently awakening anew in us. I love your eyes that seek beauty, seek his hands all over it all. Grateful for you and your voice proclaiming his art, Elizabeth.

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