Learning To Live As A Child

spencer with butterfly on handI sat in the middle of a field of clover yesterday, cold spring wind chilling my bones while my insides were warmed by discovery.
I sat in the middle of a playground yesterday, not as a mother or grandmother, but as a new friend to small children.

And I walked through the backdoor of childhood and saw the world through the portal of wonder. It was as if I were a little Alice for an hour or two. But you don’t get there in the blink or the nod or the snap you might think.

No it is a slower dance than even I thought it would be.

Re-entering the world of little ones. You walk gently into sacred territory with respect and eyes wide open to wonder.

And it looks like  preparing for a make believe wedding with clover bridesmaids bouquets. And it smells like dirt balls thrown high to the sky. They are snow or dirt or sand. You speak it and they are changed.It feels like ice-cold metal chain. You hold the chain while you push the swing and if its March and Spring is late, the metal is cold as blocks of ice on your trembling flesh.

When I pulled the white down comforter up over my memories of the day and tucked myself into bed I remembered. I remembered what I learned from being a child, the stirring of emotions my backdoor entrance into childhood kept me awake. I longed to hold on to the day that I knew could not be repeated. Not one of them can.
I can still smell the clover, sweet and fresh. I lifted the flower to my noise over and over this day trying to recall if I remembered this fragrance.

But it smelled new to me. As so much of the day felt new. How had I forgotten the smell of clover or had I never recorded it in my youth.

Had I let my self grow so far away from the mystery and wonder of seeing the world as an Alice?

I asked my new friend who is five or so to see if she could find a four leaf clover. And then I waited for her return. Sweet excitement in her face, she brought back a hand filled with new discovery. That a four leaf clover can be a three leaf clover plus one borrowed leaf from another. That life can be viewed and seen in so many different ways. We limit ourselves as adults. I looked down at the three leaf clover plus the ripped piece from another, sacrificed to total four. Amazed by her creativity, I long to see the world with saucer-shaped eyes. To see it slant in all its mysteries.

At her invitation into child’s play, I entered into a game of hide and seek and found so much more than my friend hiding behind a tree trunk. I re-discovered play and release of the bondage of adult sensibilities, if just for a few minutes. Life is full through the eyes of a child. We watched dogs race and return a thrown ball to their human. And we found squirrels’ nests nestled in the bare tree limbs. And in these frozen moments on a cold spring day, I stared at a squirrel scratch an itch behind his ear. And helped my friend see two messy nests. Where have I been looking if not up. How have I missed so much.

And in throwing a baseball back and forth with her three year little brother, I observed meekness, gentleness, and forgiveness when the ball hit hard on her back. I learned in an afternoon in the park what I needed to tuck into my soul for a refresher course. I needed remediation on play.

I needed to count and run and watch a made up disco dance. And say good job. My soul was hungry for looking at art drawn in the sand with a stick. My soul needed  to watch a paper plate soar as a frisbee on a windy day. My imagination lay dormant more than I knew. Until it was cracked open a bit at the hand of a wildly creative girl and her brother.

Discovery came through the eyes of a child, on a cold day, in a park in Charleston. When the world of an adult was frozen, thankfully in time. And a dormant imagination began to  wake up to the new world that waits all around.

I was Alice for a day because of  friendship and a playdate. One boy and one girl helped me see the world through the eyes of a child. And I am learning to live as a child again.

spencer gets a shot from the top

Joining Jen and Heather.


16 thoughts on “Learning To Live As A Child

  1. I love your new look here…your cover picture is breath taking….Oh yes…to become like a child…to let them lead us…I love how you told this story and it makes me want to go to a playground today…but I think I will wait until this spring snow is gone 🙂

    1. Thank you Ro, I am holding on to your kind words. I did not know you were taking a blogging break. You are missed sweet one. I hope you’ll be back soon. Wishing you time outside playing soon. May the Son shine warmth on your day. Love and grace, elizabeth

    1. I am so glad you stopped over here. What a gift. I am making new memories daily and tucking them back into my childhood while reliving the old ones too. Wishing you love and grace this Eastertime, elizabeth

  2. I can smell the clover here and feel the ice-cold metal chain. I remember these things so vividly from my childhood–you’ve helped me remember them. And I’m leaving on Thursday to see my grandson, and you’ve filled me with longing to sit on the cold ground and run my fingers through clover. Beautiful write, Elizabeth.

    1. Thank you Nancy. Thinking of you as you visit your grandson. Oh how I get giddy when I think of that in my future. Hoping your Easter is grace and love filled to overflowing. Peace, friend, peace.

  3. Dear Elizabeth
    I hear and know what you say. Nearly every second Thursday and Friday, I look after my niece of 23 months. It is such a rewarding time even if it costs me a stay in bed for a day or two afterwards because of the Fm/CFS. It is some of the best times of my life. I just wish she could stay small!
    Blessings to you, dear friend

    1. Oh Mia, I too wish they would stay small longer than they do. What pure joy that you get to spend so much time with your niece, dear one. I don’t have to tell you….savor savor savor. And store up the memories. Thank you always, for being a part of this community. Wishing you peace and grace at Eastertime. May the Son shine down on you and warm your soul.

  4. Oh my, Elizabeth, I can’t quote what I liked best, because, friend, I loved it all–it moved me deeply. I’m with Nancy; I can almost smell the clover, it’s being brought up to my face to gather a whiff, I feel the cold chain on my slender, numb fingers, dreaming of spring’s sunlight warming me. I love your writing, dear woman. This makes me want to run out and gather bouquets of clover. You’ve done your job well, friend. Love you.

    1. Amy, joy joy that you are here. I am with wordpress and changed my theme to Book Lit and that was the header which came with the theme. I have been considering changing it to one of my own photos, but I love the picture so much I am hesitant. Thank you for kind words. Love having you here. Gift.

    1. Dolly, my heart does a little dance when I see you here. Thank you for sharing in my special day by reading along here. I am savoring and cherishing it. I will always remember the interchange with the clover. Love to you this Holy Week.

  5. Such a beautiful story. I love this: “Re-entering the world of little ones. You walk gently into sacred territory with respect and eyes wide open to wonder.” Amen! What a gift. The clover, the grace, the entirely new ways of seeing this life. What a wonderful piece, my friend.

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