Shifting Paradigms


underneath my feet
a shifting
registers on the Richter
cracks a fault line in the earth

rocks my world
moves me
Catapults me with a longing
tips the scales toward there
a love of place, poetry
and passion
Hiding neath the thunderclaps

the shifted paradigms
A change produced by love
Each tense of verb
Every people place and thing
Falling under a canopy of love
salt calls out, pulls me in
a sense of place grows
As kudzu vine on the heart

and those who ache
and those who love
the ones who rage and wage are lost
this shifting longing of a soul

to settle into place, a home
dig the roots into the earth
know the love that knows no bounds

anchor to the love
of steady heavy grace
that quells the pitch and swells of storms

the shifting shouts in whispers soft
to love much deeper better
all, especially those
who wander lost






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