A Circuitous Route

wpid-IMG_20130501_094144.jpgI am walking by the  way of winding.
Stepping back and moving forth.
Finding paths  like Mother May I
Stops and starts and winnowing backs.

I am breathing deep the air of waiting.
Laying down in fields of pining.
Grasping roots of ever-changing.
Finding great in fair to midland, growing.

I am holding on to glory
Surprised by every simple turn en route
Seeing through the lens poetic
Covered in sweet redemption singing.

I am walking round the labyrinth
Praying for the walk to bring
Joy in seeing eyes wide open, squinting barely letting in the light
Weeding out the root, watering dry soil.

I am seeing like a child again
Each turn of spoke and wheel
The way circuitous though it is
Is marked with everlasting wonder, change.

And I am seeing bends and breaks
A slowing with the margins wide
The ratcheted down, down gear shift
The death though slow of pride

Yes I am seeing childlike
The awe and wonder on the route
Parking trains, planes and automobiles
Awhile to walk the more
Circuitous route.

I am holding on to slippery Trust
Blinking back the saline droplets
Finding fresh the seeds of simple
Watering the heart to burst wide open, stretched.

I am knowing in deep places
That the dizzy winding way
Littered with uncertain lingering
Leads me still beside the place I am born to be.

So walk with me the route circuitous
Stumble on the rocks that bruise the skin
Run the race with wheels made to turn slow and steady
Trust  the way of wonder, winding serpentine with grace.



Joining Duane, Shelly, and Jennifer

21 thoughts on “A Circuitous Route

  1. The labyrinth metaphor is a powerful one for me, one I considered during my hike in the Alps last summer. Thank you for reminding me of it. I think I need to go back and revisit some of those thoughts. Dizzy, winding, slippery, stumbling, bruising–yes, all of these things. Yet, there is a pattern. And I’ve been given a scarlet cord to cling to in order to find my way home.

    1. Oh Nancy, this beautiful scarlet cord. My white knuckles hold it tight. The challenges are made sweeter on this journey with friends like you. I am wrapping up in your thoughts today. My journey is marked with the dizzy winding slippery stumbling bruising of late. But I know Him and it is all to be redeemed.

  2. So much beautiful truth layered here in your poem, Elizabeth…I see His hand guiding you on the way of trust because there is nothing else but “ruthless trust” as Brennan Manning says…I love labyrinths…the winding and twisting toward the center, toward God, while walking with God, and walking outward with God…blessings and comfort to you, my friend 🙂

    1. Oh Dolly, I smile when you write out your tender heart. Thank you friend. You are a gentle and kind spirit and I am catching waves of encouragement from your coast to mine. Thanking you over and over again. This comment ministers to me in love today. (())

  3. Dear Elizabeth
    You have spoken to my heart today! We all need to learn how to find fresh in simple. What a great quality we have lost along the road of life. That is the way of wonderous grace: simplicity!

    1. Duane, I am holding on to your words of kindness today, coming on the heels of a last than stellar day. They are gift. Thank you for what you do to point us to things of wonder, God’s wonder and wonderful, always.

  4. Oh Elizabeth. I loved this. So good to be back here today. My favorite line is “grasping roots of ever-changing”.
    This just settled perfectly in my heart. How everything changes and the grasping, eternally, of change.
    Love you much.

    1. Danelle, you make my life sweeter, richer, lovelier with your friendship.

      Your words buoy my sinking spirit. The weight of the days needs the light touch of a sister. And you give generous to yours.

  5. Holy goodness, friend! I have been far away from your words for too long and to come back and be greeted with this? It is glory come down.
    Your cadence, the language, all of it reminds me of the seasoned poets for whom we all long to sound like but haven’t lived long enough to grab hold of…
    This is amazing, Elizabeth. Really. One of your best poems EVER.
    So many lines to quote and remember and hold onto.
    I will be coming back, again and again..I know it.
    Love you so much.

  6. I’m not a bicyclist, myself, ever since scraping the skin off my kneecap as a kid, but I’m smitten with the idea of a doggy in a bike basket. So thankful for warmer days during which to be outside. Fresh air does make waiting easier!

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