mom holding rose FAVE


the night you wept
the day you ran
the time you fell
the forenoon you loved
the moment you bled
the morning you curled
the twilight you danced
the dawn you dripped
the evening you twinkled
the hour you trembled
the sun-up you questioned
the mid-day you doubted
the second you shook
the afternoon you belly-laughed
the late-night you broke
the instant you sparkled
the split-second you were placed in my womb
the occasion you knew you were loved by Him

and all the times in the in-between,

I held you.

12 thoughts on “Held

    1. Diana I love that you were here, as a mother, soaking up my words. I am humbled and grateful. It is hard to release them into a slow progression into young ladyhood, but writing it out seems to help.

    1. Oh Ashley I am gushing with this praise. I wrote it as a poem of dedication for my daughter, she inspires me daily. I am in that mode of looking back in love on her life as she is a rising Senior in High School. Hold me 😛

  1. This is very beautiful. I thought of my mother and I, too, have a child who will be graduating in a few weeks. Off to college. I am constantly thinking back to those beginning hours, weeks, years. Amazing. Truly amazing.

    What a lovely poem.

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