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Well I have to tell you that I fell in love with Charleston.  And I fell in love with my husband, well duh, and it all started in Charleston. So I really do have an incredible love affair with this city. I might love almost everything about it. The way it smells, like a city dipped in salt and sea, drying out on the edge of this Lowcountry region which I call hone. The way it looks, with steeple upon steeple reaching up through the sticky humid air. Always heavenward. The holy city. The homes and gardens which I find myself staring at like a young girl with a high school crush. The little bit of bustle which reminds me of Europe and a Southern New York CIty rolled into one small charming city that feels more like a town.

And poetry. And books. And very old things.  In Charleston. Well put them in a pot of goodness and you have some yummies for my Southern born and bred heart and soul.

Today I am honored to be at Tweetspeak Poetry with a  piece I wrote for their Literary Tour column. Come see what I write about and help keep me company over there.

You are cordially invited. And I promise to roll out a little Southern Hospitality. I might get a little lonely away from my home here. So come visit and leave a comment.

two bikes in charleston

Follow me over there for my words at Tweetspeak Poetry. Click here. Oh you already knew that. Thanks friends.

I am honored and humbled to be with such a warm community. You will like it too if you have never been.

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3 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Things, In One Place – Tweetspeak Poetry

    1. What a gift to have you visiting here, and thank you for leaving words. Extra special. Charleston is wonderful. Thank you for following me over to one of my favorite spots on the interwebs. Hope you learned a little more about one of my favorite cities too. Again, welcome.

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