Why I Love Poetry

poetry in chalk

Why I Love Poetry

The discovery that will change your life
Three things you need for love, truly
The one thing you need to survive your 50’s
What you’ve been looking for all along
The one thing you need to grow and change
Top ten steps to achieving true joy
Don’t do anything until you read this
What you’ve waited your whole life to find
Two things that will change your marriage
Three easy steps to a better life
If you had only known this one thing,  now revealed
The one simple thing that will change  your relationships
Ten steps to a happier home
How to be a better parent
Four easy ways to a simpler life
Why you should discover the secret found within these pages
The one rule to achieving what you desire
Fifteen reasons you should change  the way you are living, now.


And why I love poetry.

poetry red blue

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