A poem of mine, Trinity, is featured today  at Burnside Writer’s Collective. Will you continue reading over there. Come explore the poetry and prose which is this fascinating collective featuring words routed in the Christian Faith.



Math is not my friend
We buck heads over answers
That must be right or wrong
Gray does not exist in the minds of the

There is a narrowing, whittling to the n’th degree
The theology of numbers
Has no room for interpretation
Or personal history
But I know this to be True
Three is holy

And three is my friend
But who’s counting
My three children
One watched Count Dracula
With me, on Sesame Street
Math served up with sugar coated ease………

Continue reading the poem, Trinity, where it appears in its entirity at Burnside Writer’s Collective. Click here for the link to follow Trinity and poetry. Thanks for joining me on this poetic adventure.


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