No RSVP Required – Join Me For 31 Days of Noticing

MCVL marsh grass - 31 Days of Noticing

Beginning October One, I will be participating in a a series as part of The Nester’s 31 Days Of … Series.( The Nester blogs at the nester dot com. Please visit her wonderful blog) Join me daily as I write on the art of noticing. I will be exploring God Beauty and the ordinary extraordinary details revealed in living keenly awake, alert and noticing.

In order to write, live, breathe, worship, express gratitude, and seek God more, I need to fine tune the art of noticing. Noticing with all my senses, hearing the poetry in my day. Breathing the smells of Autumn in my world. Seeing the first crack of light in the morning through the dirty window panes and the last faint star in the heavens wink as I fall asleep. Filled with a heart that has noticed. That hears God and bears witness to all He has created.

Because I believe that seeing, really soaking in the intricacies of the folds inside the folds of the earth’s skin, where mystery lies and beauty is born will make life richer, faith stronger and poetry more soulful.

I will walk through October with poetry, prose, music, photography, scripture and more. Join me.

Let’s walk down the road together. The road to seeing the world more fully, more richly and with a keener sense of being alive and grateful for all He has given us.

Thanks Be To God.

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