The Weaning

Spencer and the dolphin


I notice you
Noticing me
We walk as women now
In tandem
But hours and towns separate us
Birth was  yesterday
It appears to me
I weep
Even at the thought of your leaving
Tomorrow shrouds my soul
Hope is your middle name
And I am left
Mine is Grief
Stay young my child
Stay young at heart
My feathered nest
Plucked  from my breast
Internal ticking
Tells  me it is nearly time
For you to  find
Places you’ll call home
I bind up
So to wean an aching heart
Good bye my child
It is nearly time for you to go
You who started in my womb
Too soon you said hello

To places outside of me.


Today is Day 10. Joining Emily at Emily Wierenga dot com for Imperfect Prose

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6 thoughts on “The Weaning

  1. Together, apart. Pain, joy. Full, empty. You express it all so beautifully. My prayers for you, friend, through the next empty days. Not easy, but hey – what is?

  2. Oh, honey. You have me crying. I relate in this VERY moment — with my love for my girls so palpable even though none of them is beside me right now. I can only imagine what that feels like stretched across years, towns and miles. My mama heart hears yours. I pray for you. I love you, you beautiful maker of nests.

  3. Whew, I finally made it here to read this loveliness. As I read this, I realize how much I’m trying not to think about her leaving the nest because I could feel the tears rising to the surface as I read it. This is true beauty Elizabeth. You are such a wonderful poet my friend with a beautiful daughter I might add. Your love for her inspires me, it does.

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