The Reinvention of Cliches

The Reinvention of Cliches

Blow with me new life into the old stale words
Jump start the broken-down rust heap on the side
Of the road
Propped up on bricks
That is language we left for dead

Re-energize the turn of phrase that is stale
As an old loaf of white bread
That lost its twisty tie-y top
Corners blueing
Left for dead

And just because it’s cliche
Is it false
I would stand on the corner of Broad and Main
Placard in hand
Proclaiming the degrees to which
I loathe cliche

Pitiful they were in my sight
Perhaps It is time to
Some of my favorites
Need a second chance.

Starting today
With thinking outside the box
And low hanging fruit
And the tip of the iceberg

Some of these are as old as the hills
I know
And I am frightened to death to even
Suggest to you that
Every cloud has a silver lining
Or that time heals all wounds

Only time will tell if there is
Merit to this

Maybe on second thought
Lemons from lemonade should stay
Dead and buried.

Maybe all bets are off
On this idea

On second thought
Maybe I
Always look on the bright side
And am blinded by the light

When really what I had in mind
Was saving the phrase

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
And keep it simple stupid
And simple is best
And necessity really is the mother of invention

And then again
Maybe banging one’s head
Against a brick wall
Is better left for dead.

Along with other
Blasts from the past

I was wrong
To try to build a better mousetrap
Hoping the world would  beat a path to my door
I cry uncle
And crawl sheepishly

Back to the drawing board.

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