A Door To A Home


A Door To A Home

Records the emotional temperature
With the speed of the swing
The slam of the door
The creak and the boom
As the mother or father
Enter the room
With the day spilling out

Except where there are
Chickens involved

Here it is a merry
Hunt and peck
With an egg or two due
As rent
No bills to pay
Or grief to bear
Every seed and need
Is scattered for those
Feathered ones
Privileged to reside
Among a little hay
A little seed

And a simple life
Of producing
Wrapped in fragile

Two doors down
A door
A home
A door to a home.
Hope scattered
For those privileged
To lead a simple life
Drenched in grace

He arrives, home
Embraces her, hugs her warm
Around the neck
And leaves a peck
Announcement of his love
She is fragile
Wrapped in white.


Joining the creative folks at Tweetspeak Poetry for their Poetry and Photo Prompts Doors & Passageways Photo Play

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