Remembering Pink Among The January Blues



Remembering Pink Among The January Blues

Cold crawls down my throat
And freezes deep
Among two winter-laced lungs
Hope frozen but for
A moment
Thawed by the chambers
Of a rapid beating
Heart, pumping, forcing
Red, shaded crimson
Rises to my cheeks
And to my nose
And colors
Pink the tip

And I
I purse my lip
Just like the winter

And I am
Thawed, outside and in
By warm remembering

Of faded valentines
Posted on the mailbox
Declaring that a daughter has been
Of salmon rushing up stream
Against all odds
And flannel p.j.’s worn
In college
Days of shades of

And every year she comes
When hope is all but lost
She pushes through the cold
And frost
And hangs a hundred blooms
Whispering that Spring
Will come, it always does

And thaws the coldest soul
Stuck in the middle of
A million signs of
And her deepest
Shades of blues

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