Across From You

wpid-IMG_20140219_125837.jpgAcross From You

There are things more mysterious than this
Like how the moon shines down on earth
From the darkest place way off
In outer space
Throws moon glow on my bare and wintry lawn
Waxing, waning always remaining
The same
When things around me scream uncertainty and
Like a child I seem dumbfounded
As  I grasp for understanding
And struggle to explain

There are things more mysterious than this
Though it feels complex and nearly unknowable to me
Like how
The dog loves so devotedly
The parrot learns to mimic so quickly
And the dolphin smile like human beings
Wide with their winsome grins

But all the same I find it curious
And a riddle in my fragile soul
How this gift of you and me
Is permanent and unshakeable
In this crazy wildly spinning orb

How I can sit across from you
And you from me
And have you
Mine my hurts and ease my pain
Complete my sentences
And read my mind
Find what’s hidden and buried deep
Keep me from floating off the edge
Rushing in and giving life
Bringing light when darkness blankets my soul

How you can celebrate my victories
As if they were your own
Cheer me on and dry my tears
Say the one thing I need to hear
Be my advocate and my guide
Shore me up when I am sinking fast

Though I seek beauty everyday
I stumble on the mysteries still
And I and you are added in that mix
The swirling mingling blend of two
For how can I ever come to understand
A love as complex and beautiful as this


Joining Lyli for Thought Provoking Thursday

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