A Sea Of Humanity

sunset over jeremy creekA Sea of Humanity

I dreamt I dove into the sea
Amid a throng of voices
Singing wild and free
Where echo upon echo of happy
Babble broke
Rippling wave on wave from lip to lip
I closed my eyes
And drifted off into the dream

Each scene appeared as memory
Of years before
Where nothing changed
Yet everything had
And you were there
And you were too
I turned off my light
And sailed off into my daydream
Or was it night
I was not sure

The fog rolled in
Then out again

The sea was calm
The sun was out

And redemption played
A symphonic and melodious song
(Does it know any kind but this)

Of this and that
Of years ago
And days before
When Winter’s blues
Were providing cover
Before the days when
Spring crept in
And drowned out
With her love

I was there and so were you
We swam in calm and peaceful
Of friendship
In an ocean wide and free
Made of all

You were there
And so were you
And I was too

I dreamed I dove into
The sea of greens and blues
Of foam and salt
And crying gulls and diving pelican
I floated on my back
And sang a song of
Coming back
My eyes were closed
But not my heart

I heard you whisper
Welcome back
Into the calm
No longer raging seas

Of humanity
Wave on wave
Of grace
We swam, together
And me

Into the deepest part
Into the depths of our

On Mondays I am with Laura #AtTheWellspring


2 thoughts on “A Sea Of Humanity

  1. Beautiful! I found myself floating on my back alongside you and truly was there. How fine a feeling this has given me. Peaceful and serene and loved.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda
    visiting from Laura – Playdates with God

  2. I loved this:
    And redemption played
    A symphonic and melodious song
    (Does it know any kind but this)!

    Such beautiful words for a beauty so hard to grasp. Visiting from Jennifer Dukes Lee

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