In Which This Blogger, Poet Asks For Help And Your Vote In A Big Deal To Her Contest

So as a writer I dream a lot. And lately I have been dreaming of writing a book or books.  Certainly this is not surprising to hear. And when I  do write my book I suppose that I will come to you, my blog readers and announce the news with all kinds of excitement and joy. And I may ask you to come along with me on the book launch journey. To share the news, to spread the word and to help me celebrate this milestone in a writer’s life.

But today instead I am humbly asking for yall to vote for me in a poetry contest which I have entered. If you are  on Facebook you may vote by LIKING my poems at The Library Hotel’s Facebook Page.

So thanks yall. I am so pleased to have three haiku make the Winner’s Circle round of the competition. I have three in this group of 21 out of over 350 entrees ( as best  I can calculate and tell. Math is not my strongpoint.)

To vote and help me advance, just “LIKE” the haiku by @graceappears, my twitter handle written on the bottom of each of the three haiku. I am so hopeful about this. But honestly, if I do not win I have already won by making it to this point.

Friends, here is the link to the Library Hotel’s Facebook page. Scroll down to the Winner’s Circle (wow can’t believe I am typing that)  and there you will see the three poems I have in this contest. They are highlighted below.

So very honored to have you walk with me through this contest.

Even if this is not about a big book deal or a big  signing with a literary agent, I am excited to share this part of my poetry and writing journey with you. Perhaps that will all come in due time.

Oh and if you want to make this extra fun and cool for me, come back to the comments and tell me you voted. AND I WILL THANK YOU. We can do this. Or rather I can do this with your help. Honored to have such wonderful blog readers and subscribers.

Always grateful for your time spent here reading my poetry and prose.




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