What Do You Say

what do you say dear



What Do You Say

Her lips belong to a mouth
Pursed, silent
Inches from a slightly breaking heart

Connected by sinew, muscle and bone

To one single solitary
Pair of  hands
Reaching for a father,
with a broken memory
Arms joined by joints and blood
Stretched in love to a broken mind

As a mother

Her hands reach for a leaving
Growing up
Going off
Grasping for adulthood
Straddling her youth

Bound by love
To one who is weary
Worried, tossed
Turning and churning
Yet still, a comforter in times of

I say more

But there is
That pair of ears
Latched on
To words of a young man
Planning to marry
Love launches from the mouth of a man
Steeped in love
Who was just a boy
Digging in deep, rooting his love

It would all be so perfect

If someone would say
To her

Dear, this life is filled
With beautiful broken
Of life

What would you say

Silently wiping her tears

I would say
I love you




Joining sweet Laura at The Wellspring

One thought on “What Do You Say

  1. “Dear, this life is filled
    With beautiful broken
    Of life”

    Oh, yes. Elizabeth, feeling the growing pains with you. How hard it is to let go. Love you, lady.

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