Joy Comes In The Morning, The Wind Is A Gentleman, I Seem To Remember (A Triology)

Welcome to Day 8.
Welcome to Poetry.
Today my offering is A Triology. Thank you for riding through October with me. The pleasure is all mine.





Joy Comes In The Morning

Like the morning tube of bad news
Rolled and stuff in cellophane
To protect us from it
Or it from the rain
Count on it, the wad of this and that
Thrown in haste at the end of the driveway
We can count the number of times it
Has failed
To find its way into our breaking hearts
With news of the day

But Joy comes in the morning
On the magic carpets wafting to
And fro, in currents of wind
The limbs
Their launching pads
From which they are sent
Couriers of beauty
Bearers of good news
Fragments of whimsy
Stuck in the autumn’s wind
Draft, their fuel

The next piece
Looks like a Monarch
And the next confetti
Autumn celebrates its peak

And we leave the paper
In the drive
And choose to let it rot and dry
Become yesterday’s news

Because joy comes in the morning
When we set our eyes on
The beauty of it all
One leaf, two leaves
I cannot count them all
But each one marks
On my lawn


The Wind Is  A Gentleman

Gentle in his ways
Caressing the wind chimes
With his fingertips
Like a lover on his beloved’s
Blows a kiss
Gently touching
The soft and blue veined skin
On the nape
Of her nearly
Saying goodbye
Soft and sweet
But just
For now

A gentleman always returns


I Seem To Remember

I seem to remember
She said to me
After the poem was read

We’d ingested every word
Sucked the beauty from the bone
Like marrow on the leg of lamb
Left ravenous with remembering

Poetry, bone-digger

Of the buried past



Thank you for joining me. See you tomorrow, Day Nine.



One thought on “Joy Comes In The Morning, The Wind Is A Gentleman, I Seem To Remember (A Triology)

  1. What beauty-such lovely words! I started my day with you today in the dark and quiet of the morning and so glad I did! The Wind is a Gentleman is so poignant and sweet and expands into a full narrative in just a few words-what a gift you have! Thank you for sharing it with me today-

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