Table For Two

Welcome to Day Fourteen. Spoiler alert. Tomorrow’s post is scheduled for prose. The poems have asked for hump day off. Thank you for joining me.


Table For Two

You could cut the space between
them with a serrated bread knife
hard and crusty silence
like the Berlin wall
stone cold divider of love
if you could cut it at all

the art of eavesdropping,
which I have down to a science
tells me that the love has faded,
died on the vine
shriveled up and gone

for goodness sakes
go back and pick a memory, ya’ll
discuss it till you are
blue in the face
and then say
i love you
like you mean it

pick a good one
like the one when your lips first
“Said I do”
young and blushing
red hot with new love

then get the check
and go
back to speaking like you did
those first thirty years
before the love
became so damn stinkin’ quiet

Your well-done steak
With Heinz
Can wait
But your love

Before it takes a sledge hammer
Tear down that wall

And you are left
By the silence you once




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