The Time I Lived Vicariously


The Time I Lived Vicariously

While watching a gray and feathered flock

Brown pelicans sunning in November on the dock

And entered into community from my place

Of solitude

And thought of you

You duplicate my life

And make it two

One of here and one of there

Not duplicitous am I

But honest in my telling that you give me more

I hear your words echo from the Frio

And beyond

From the high places

You were called

I was not

God is good to give us lives

Multiplied in two’s and mores

The time I lived vicariously

Was one of those

You spoke to me while I was, yet

Not there, not haunted by the singleness of one

But tethered by the Spirit

To you

Canyons echo, multiply

Community, sacred echoes I have heard

Sacred echoes I have found

Joining Laura and Kelli

9 thoughts on “The Time I Lived Vicariously

  1. So beautiful, my friend, you were missed, and I’m grateful God spoke to you and gave you peace where you are. Xo

  2. Hi Elizabeth! I really think that God created us all for community. And for you to see that in the nature you observed is just inspired. He just is always reminding me to jump out of myself and love the person next to me, and join in the dance of life.
    So nice to meet you! From Playdates with God,

  3. Yes, this is beautiful, Elizabeth. So thankful that we are tethered to our soul-friends by the Spirit. That He knits our hearts and weaves our journeys together. Bless you, sister. (Stopped by from Unforced Rhythms today, but looking forward to knowing you. 🙂 )

  4. What a blessed thing to see the ways a friend in another place can stand in for you and let you experience the wonder through their eyes rather than being trapped in the jealousy of their experience that can so often take us over. These are beautiful words. Thank you for linking at Unforced Rhythms.

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