Love, Dementia

wpid-img_20140822_142639.jpgLove, Dementia

You loved, remember
When, you loved
How you were loved
When love was first
Born in you

Your first born
Loves you, remember
When you loved
Young love was born in you
Once, remember


2 thoughts on “Love, Dementia

  1. Elizabeth, my mother in law was diagnosed with vascular dementia last August. She took her 2nd fall in a year in September and a 2nd surgery was required for the repair. While she was in rehab, on New Year’s morning, she got up and tried to walk to the bathroom by herself….she’d forgotten she had surgery. Another break, another decision…. and well, she went home to be with the Lord on Monday, Jan. 19th. It is a frustrating disease..we are so glad she’s out of pain and in the arms of Jesus.

    Feeling for you, my friend.

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