What I Wanted To Tell You, One Tuesday


What I Wanted To Tell You, One Tuesday

I went to meet the sky last night
Awash in bold pink, we could not look away
An eighth world wonder sort of night
At 7:51 she came to tell a story
Skywriters capture messages in a language I am still learning
But you see this as hyperbole mixed with cliche through your veil of gloom
Fools run out into the night, while pink rains down
(He went to see it too. We are both fools).

Miles away a friend wrote
Told me what I did not see
A double rainbow
No big deal
And yet it is
I did not decide this. The counter of odds and percentages and trackers of skywriter’s journals call it rare.

Blinded by beauty I missed the more beautiful

I wanted to tell you it is there for you too

But you insist on seeing with one eye closed

That is not what I wanted to tell you on a Tuesday
It was that I hope you are around to see the next pink sky
And the one after that
And double portions of scientific cool stuff
And glory

It was this too
You are more beautiful than all of it
And I am a fool

3 thoughts on “What I Wanted To Tell You, One Tuesday

  1. You are more beautiful than all of it. . .
    In awe of the sky times -you captured it poetically,
    Our running outside at the call sunset alert
    Our peering thru the morning to catch a glimpse of heavenly wonder

  2. I remember our pastor telling a story of a blind man with a sign on the street asking for money. Someone came along and re-wrote his sign “It’s a beautiful day. I just can’t see it.”
    Thank you for always pointing towards beauty, Elizabeth, even if some people can’t ‘see’ it.

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