S.O.S. – A Not Very Poetic Call For Help

Some sentences are just so…plain. And ordinary. And without poetry. This one is one of those.

Ya’ll, I need a little bit of reader input. Boring. Right? But there is a poem following the request. If you have one minute or a few minutes, I would be honored if you would give me a sentence of two. You can leave it in the comment box. Or you can email me at wynnegraceappears@gmail.com.

My heart is pounding and my insides are restless about this “book thing”. I may never write one. Or I actually may sit down and write one. And if i do or when I do, I really would love the push from readers or the “don’t do it” from readers.

(Spoiler alert. There are a lot of books out there. Do we really need another one?)

But I would be silly or crazy or mad not to ask you all for your feedback. Before the book dies on the vine or on the shelf. Or fall flat. Or never gets written. Or all of the above.

Poetry or prose? Poetry from me mixed with space for you to journal and draw and scribble and ponder? Essays?

So speak your mind. And thank you. No really, THANK YOU.



The Lady at The Check Out Line and Other Wise Souls in Sheep’s Clothing

The shepherds of the world, the meek and the mild
Disguised in plainclothes
Scanning the jars of Trader Joe’s Marinara sauce, while sleepy smiling
Asking all the right questions
Thanking you for bagging
(Paper or plastic, used to be the world’s oldest, space filler of quietude)
Hidden behind the clerky smile
And the name tag
And the all business
And the internal musings “is it five o’clock yet”
Is the fountain of wisdom
Waiting to erupt
They welcome our confidences in their non-threatening ways
The check-out line becomes the shrink’s couch
And we confide
“At least you found it”
She says to me
I know you know the words, I lay down before the altar of just formed trust
PHD in human frailty

They will inherit the Earth.

7 thoughts on “S.O.S. – A Not Very Poetic Call For Help

  1. your poem is richly cynical – complex and provocative – I love it – don’t depend on others’ opinions on your doing the “book thing” – you do it, or not, for yourself

  2. Elizabeth, I love your poetry and prose and would happily read both or either! Be true to what God is laying on your heart. As Paul so wisely says above, “you do it, or not, for yourself.” I’m in the same dilemma with more than enough words to fill an anthology (or 3) but I sit on them; I ponder; I prevaricate…hmmm.. which ones shall I choose? Do I add prose/prayers or keep them simple? What I’ve failed to do is ask my readers! it’s a great idea as long as we’re not overly swayed by the opinion of others. I would suggest going with what your gut instincts are saying to you. And I’ll be praying for you to have wisdom and discernment too 🙂 x

  3. I’d say a collection of poetry….these here on your blog. Mine them for some common themes, and send it off to LL. (my two cents) or the publisher of your choice.

    Yes, the world is full of too many books. But no one has yours.

    And, to echo Joy above–do be sure it’s God speaking this push to do it. When God calls you to it, the grace to do it is there.

    (more than two cents).
    Best of luck.

  4. You’re a poet so anything you write will be poetic, but I’d read a mix of both. I believe you can do it!

    And while I do agree there is something to timing/Spirit’s prompting/whatever you want to call it, I also believe that far too many of us (including me) hem and haw around while God’s standing there in exasperation saying “Just go on and do it already.”

  5. I like the idea of mixed, poetry and prose with spaces to write thoughts. But, I have always wanted to write a devotional and that sounds like the perfect devotional to me… You can do this and it will be wonderful!

  6. I say go for it~if there is that idea, the one of writing a book, that keeps circling through your spin cycle, air it out on the line and see what happens. Don’t push it away!

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