The Shed


The Shed

Disproportionate well-spring
Storehouse of must and thought
Archivist of these lives
Ours and theirs
Cataloguer of tools and nouns
Poetry caught in the corner webbing
Holding abundance, simply enough

Adequate, wooing me within her womb
I look within
Diminutive doll-sized dwelling
Comforter with your economy of scale
Dimensional minimalist
Tell me how you live

Show me how the scale of life
Matters, not at all
Humble symbol of the meek
I seek to place my faith
And write
My poetry
And prose

lead by God and you

Inside of these dark walls
Dank and cool

in earshot of the wind chimes and the rooster crows
I can hear the beans grow

And smell the purple basil

caught up in the seaside breeze

carried on the shore-bound wind

If I stretch my nostrils and sit beside the open door
The Queen Ann’s lace waves at me
Lavishes me with praise of day
Compress my words into their lines
And form my writing
In a spartan space


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