The Art Of Staying Put


The Art Of Staying Put

I am moving around in place
Hearing of Greece, the far away way beyond the borders of my soul
Hemmed in by an invisible thread of remaining
I will travel to the back quadrant of the yard, where the vines go farther than I
You and they walk me ’round the world
Grabbing the kite-tails of the airborne pods

They, globetrotters growing, serpentine trails mark their route

And I in the backdraft of all the leaving
I brought an inch worm home
A souvenir  from my journey to the land where the tomatoes grow

We choose to stay
And yet we do not remain

You took me to the movies last night
In the parlor, in our chairs

We crawled into the story of their lives
Turned the pages as they spoke their written lines
Love walks you to herself
Redemption writes a script, transports you in the re-discovery
Of grace, and
As if we had gone away and stayed
Story packed our bags
Yours leather, mine canvas
We the stay-behind travelers

We’ll set off into the salty surf, today
It is our going, our remaining
No markets, no mileage, no passports

Our latitude and longitude place us in the still right here
A little boat and little motor 
Invite us onboard, grateful, always weary travelers 
A long, long way from home we seem to go
When we refine the art of still remaining

And discover endless oceans of restful happiness
Peace attends the souls of those who stay behind
We, the necessary 
In this art of staying put


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