If I Tell You A Secret: Plus my #oneword365



If I Tell You A Secret

Well, tell in the figurative sense
Tuck them in the cracks and creases of places
That demand some unraveling
Shallow dives into the mystery, the murky
Chip away
Would you, or toss aside unknowing
Wait don’t tell me

It is better that I don’t know

You have told secrets
Laying in wait
Listen for the poetry

Dormant in the pages
Some beg, others ask
To be told

I listened to an artist once
Then tried to stop
But eye to eye it was hard
To listen, well
Hubris got in the way of an otherwise great story
Telling is the artist’s gift
I grew thirsty, parched
Really for her to pour a tall glass
Of humility
She dipped her brush, the fat one
Into the loud colors, neon’s and school bus yellow, hospital wall green
Drops dripped on the canvas of her telling
On the places that begged to remain white
I found my breath
At the end of her pride

I used to say I wish I could paint
Repeated it until it grew dull and lifeless
As a phrase
I birthed my own cliche

Now, it seems
I long to tell more secrets

floating just beneath the surface of our souls
where the healing lives



One Word 365

The word found me. And I linked arms with it. The word doesn’t dictate the other words. It shades and reminds. It doesn’t boss. It leads. It doesn’t demand attention, it whispers inspiration. It doesn’t seek the spotlight. It shares it.

It is  marvelous.  Because I want to marvel more in 2016 at the wonder and the beauty. Tease out the threads of extraordinary in the ordinary. Leave the dull and life-less on the shelf. And dip my pen into the inkwell of all that this word whispers to me.

Thank you for journeying with me in 2016.

peace and grace,































































That is no secret
That is the truth



2 thoughts on “If I Tell You A Secret: Plus my #oneword365

  1. Oh wow. I really loved this. I was going to point to a line I loved most, but I find that there are too many.

    Thank you. This one will linger with me.

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