When You Want To Start Over From The Very Beginning

I have a young friend who is brave and beautiful. I’ve known her for a long forever. Since she was a child, Bennett has been a sweet part of my world. Gentle and kind, soft-spoken and a lover of beauty. These words come rest on my lips, as I begin to paint her with my words, speaking honestly about the young woman I know, respect and love. I word paint her through the lens of my poetry. And I paint her artist. Lover of all that is waiting to be discovered.

Now I  sit with different  words. I have found joy anew as I watch her enter the world of a painter. Bennett has bravely left a career which required four years of college and  a Master’s Degree. And now I call her bold. And passionate.

This fresh young artist is filled with passion and bravery as she pursues life as a painter. Embracing the gifts she was given long ago with enthusiasm. With energy. And with whimsy in every stroke.

As a child she loved painting and making art. Her determination shows up in brilliant shades of life. On every canvas, she pours her soulful interpretation of the world. Haiti, Aspen, Miami, The South Carolina Lowcountry and Charleston – each of these places influence and inspire her art. Each of Bennett Brown Sizemore’s paintings is a decidedly unique snapshot of the world. Bennett’s style is unique and remarkable and a bit undefinable. It is at once simple and elegant, teeming with an exuberance which is palpable. The world seen through her paintbrush is brilliant and whimsical. Hope-filled and radiant. Her passion was curled up in the cocoon of her heart. Waiting to be unfurled. Fully. For us to savor and enjoy.

What a gift she is using. What a gift she gives. To Him be the glory.


So now I want to start over and begin again with my own art. With my writing. But I cannot really go back to my first day when I stepped into my own passion as a writer.

But in His mercy we can begin again, infused with re-newed passion. Restored to our art. Regenerated in our spirits to see the world, though there is pain and grief, in all its beauty. And to marvel. With a re-commitment to press on as co-creators with Artist God. To live into the privilege we’ve been given. To paint the world or to paint our experience in a way which allows us to live any moment a glorious second time.

As artists we process the world through our medium. We show and tell others where the beauty lies. And point to the extra-ordinary ordinary in a world filled with endless amounts of simple beauty. Extravagant beauty.

Who can we encourage today. Who can we cheer on and say “Go Make Your Art”.

Today I choose Bennett because Bennett Sizemore  inspires me. And in some small way or a decidedly significant way, I am inspired anew to create and to press on with my art. And to marvel at the beauty, wonder and colorful whimsy of the world through Bennett Sizemore’s lens.

Bennett Sizemore Art



5 thoughts on “When You Want To Start Over From The Very Beginning

  1. Elizabeth,
    Your words here remind me of the words of my friend Emily Freeman in her book A Million Little Ways. She has inspired me, just as Bennet is inspired. I left a corporate career 4 years ago to attend seminary. I have a dream planted in my heart by God to help women grasp both the depth and the simplicity of Scripture and to apply it to their own souls. Don’t know what that will start to look like in a year when I finally graduate, but God does, so on I push.
    I love your words, your thoughts and your heart. It is a gift to reconnect with you all these years after St. Mary’s.
    Grace and peace,
    Briane Pittman Kearns

  2. Elizabeth, your beautiful words really hit home with me today… five years since I ended a longtime job, and like your friend, have renewed my passion for art. God actually is the one who has done the renewing. Amazing to have gone so many years with hardly a moment to draw and now I want to do it all the time. Trusting God to speak to others in my work as He is touching you by your friend’s! And of course, I still love and pursue the writing art as well… Lovely impressions here of your friend and her work! Thanks for sharing!

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