Spreading Your Wings




Spreading Your Wings

I read that the brain has an odd way of interpreting cliche
Don’t quote me but
We can do better
Recycling phrases until they lose their punch

And then I wonder

How do they rise up and take power
Stay around, refusing to leave
Numbing us with repetition
Like the pileated woodpecker
In lieu of the pecan tree, he chooses the neighbor’s metal roof

And then I grab one
Line of low hanging fruit

Because I am so weary from watching you leave

It is easier on my heart to go
Onto the well worn path of tangent
Paved with pithy phrases, past their prime

To speak of you in tired worn out terms

I am loathe to say you’ve spread your wings

You can not find yourself in my words these days
You should know

Darling, I could write only of my love for you








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