On King Tides and Walking on the Moon


On King Tides and Walking on the Moon

The tide is high
A king tide these days
But when it was low I went walking
And as I walked I looked in new ways at the earth, the ground
The ocean’s floor beneath my feet

On a sandbar nearly all alone, I dreamed in my head
Wrote lines on a page in my mind that will never live out loud on a paper page

And I thought, this is the closest I’ll come to walking on the moon

Salt water raging had left craters and divots and moguls in the sand
Wave on wave had pounded and shaped the earth
In a Genesis fashion, creation formed the sea and land again

And the earth took on the look of the moon
In a moment
In one moment on a Saturday in July
Under a sweltering summer sky

The day the earth was scorched by heat
And “Fly me to the Moon” was a lullaby and a hymn
And the sea left treasures, thrown like confetti at my feet
And I was welcomed home
Like an Apollo woman re-entering
To the jazzy sound of Sting
In my head, “Walking on the Moon”
“Hey, they say”
Home again on the King Tide high

Home again from my wandering
Terra firma under me now
Pluff mud between my toes, my feet bare
Walking to a syncopated beat
Along the edge of the earth
Wearing her royal crown


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