After the Storm

After the Storm

we walked with the weight of wonder

and surveyed what was left behind by the raging surge of surf, the mad sea

the aftermath and aftershocks rocked us

left us with survivor’s guilt as we exhaled deep the post-adrenalin rush of watching &

waiting is a passive active verb

records were broken, hearts too, I try not to ask why, but I do

the beauty washed up on the beach, a by-product of broken records and mega-winds

is beauty nonetheless,

trust and hope and smallness swirl in the outer bands of me, waiting for the second once 

in a lifetime megastorm of nature’s making

make a colossal mess of my emotions but I cannot complain

the eye wall of my heart says I survived and am here to walk the beach

beat to a pulp and redesigned, everything newly formed like Genesis one

beautiful, maybe more so, though battered

creation recreates and draws another line in the sand

storm metaphors march on while the meteorologists Monday morning quarterback

the healers heal, the givers give, the hopers hope, and another one or two or more are on

the way

I whisper my questions so no one can hear

Now is not a good time

to be asking questions

Now is a good time

to be living with hope

I tell myself

to wait, until after the storms

to wait under the weight of glory










4 thoughts on “After the Storm

  1. Beautiful!!!!💜 Two lines attached themselves to my soul as I read, …”Beautiful, maybe more so, though battered”… “Now is a good time to be living with hope”…. Just the breath of fresh air I needed for this day!! Would love to, with your permission, put them on my Instagram. I will of course give you credit.

  2. Oh, Elizabeth….I can relate. My daughter and I were in New York on September 11th and that day passed in the midst of the hurricane’s journey.
    Your lines are so succinct here:
    “Now is a good time

    to be living with hope

    I tell myself

    to wait, until after the storms

    to wait under the weight of glory”
    It is always a good time to hope in the goodness of our God. Because, catastrophe or not, He is still a good God, although that is unbearably hard to see sometimes.

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