The Walk





Want to come along. I chose some music for our walk together.  Walk.  Listen.  Counting Gifts.

Wishing His Grace.



The trumpeter outside my window.

Small feathered praise giver.

Ounces of feathers and flesh.

His worship, a sacrifice.

Loud so loud, his song of praise.

His love offering, his bending the knee to his creator is strong and bold.

For him, the rain has stopped the sun is out.

For him, I imagine he simply sings, belts it out because God created him to.

He punctuates my days with his song.

Window open to his world, in the morning he blows out his praise from beak.

Mid-day he sings with volume that astounds my heart.

The accoustics of his song are beautiful , clear and full of love.

And when I think he’s weary or offered up all that he is and all that he has, he belts out another chorus of praise.

So small, so powerful.

His love offering back to the one who made him.

His bird heart and bird worship an inspiration to the one on the otherside of window.

He limb must  tremble with his praise.

His heart must flutter with devotion.

His wings must shake with his offering.

His joyful noise, music to the ears of both God and man.

Seeking to find a song of worship worthy for the one who made me.

Click on the link below and enjoy Hallelujah on this Second Sunday in Lent. Turn up the Praise (and the volume ) And grab a cup of coffee for this lengthy praise song. And to Him be all Praise and Glory.  Amen