Catch Me, I’m Falling Into The Arms of Possible


                                               Catch Me, I’m Falling

Through the veil, around the bend, past the point of no, not, never

Beyond the beginning, against a wall of crumbled wonder

She scales the fence of dreaming

Clenching the ledge of maybe

Jaw, fist tight

Climbing over the stoned tower of cannot

And drops dead weight into the arms of the possible

Caught, held, saved

By the net of her day dream.

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(photo courtesy of – Pablo Picasso’s Three Musicians)

There was never meant to be just one.
The sole, the singular, the solitary
Each designed, gifted, carefully chosen
Parts, pieces for the blending.
No island dwellers or stone cold soloists
In a community of art, no apart from others
There is solitary lonely.

There is exponential multiplying in a cord of three,
The pairs, the duets the circles of multiples.
A community of several and many has power.
And each alone, so beautiful, comes in
To blend, enhancement happens en masse.

Each unit grows stronger in the company of
Accompaniment and melody change sound when
Blended in, a melange a beautiful mix of mediums
More interesting than the lone wolf crying in the wilderness.

A haunting howl, in the separated from the pack.
Strength in numbers builds
The vocal cords, the instruments, the writer’s pen
Grows, grouped
In community, a fellow writer links the lonely.

So the artist lifts his brush
And the writer his pen,
The musician his instrument
And all the others their voices too.

The blending begins and the harmonies arise,
Like incense, an offering up and to and for.
Each a gift, each a treasure
Single beauty, facets on the face of a multi-sided gem.

Pop the cork on the bottled words,
Pull the plug on the hemmed in notes.
Let them float,
Sail off with a tune ,a song for the masses
Or the few.
But unfurl the sails and set free the voices of each who has something quite beautiful to say.

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