Catch Me, I’m Falling Into The Arms of Possible


                                               Catch Me, I’m Falling

Through the veil, around the bend, past the point of no, not, never

Beyond the beginning, against a wall of crumbled wonder

She scales the fence of dreaming

Clenching the ledge of maybe

Jaw, fist tight

Climbing over the stoned tower of cannot

And drops dead weight into the arms of the possible

Caught, held, saved

By the net of her day dream.

Oh the sweet joy of wrapping and sending and writing with Join me and other sweet bloggers as we sprinkle the world with poetry, photography, and images. Won’t you take a peak at all the beauty there. Just visit  to send words and images to people in your world.



6 thoughts on “Catch Me, I’m Falling Into The Arms of Possible

  1. ohhhh. I loved that quote on wordcandy but just couldn’t get into getting where I really wanted to BE with the poem. Love what you’ve done with this. Beautiful work.

    1. Donna, you make me smile wide, big, toothy. To have you feel the journey of my words…well what more? Thanks, truly. Glad you came, glad you stayed a bit, and grateful you left encouragement.

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