How You Love Me

After a very long “sabbatical” from Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday’s, I am joyously diving in today, again. And the prompt today is again. Writing for Five Minutes, with an ounce or two of grace.

snow at beech

The words regenerate my soul

They speak life and love into my deepest parts

Life springs from them, like watering seeds of need in me

Once is never enough, its like the steady stream of mountain rivulets that feed the ocean mighty strong

The repetitions of the beautiful, of love poured out

Tell me again like Jack and Jill and all the early once upon a times we read as children and to the children

Say it again, soft and low, long and sweet

There is no sameness, dull or colorless odorless in the repeating

Feed me like open-beaked bird who needs seed on seed on seed, at feeder long and wanting

Blanket me fresh, my cold and weary soul needs the warming words from your tongue

Tell me again and again and again

Just tell me how you love me.


The Cabin in the Woods

While all the world is warring
And storms blow over,
Stop, still scarring lives,
I unwrap sweet gift of resting
Unworthy as I am
In a cabin, boxed small peace
Made in part by hands of man
The one that loves me
Still, like embers in this fire here
In the cabin in the woods
Warm like fingers of the flame
Dancing like the ballerinas in Swan Lake
So graceful draping
Over logs in gentle beauty
Warm and wild.
And still and quiet are loud and thick
Like dense gray fog if she could speak
Peace envelopes in the quiet
And comfort blankets me in love, such peace.
I tuck my heart up in this place and soak
My soul in silence.
And there is warring in my soul
Only at the time of  leaving.
But peace is carried off from here
While worlds away are hard at war
It’s tucked in memory in my pockets
For my treasured keeping.
He restores, rebuilds
Our love
We stare, we lie
In rest, repose.
Stilled, our souls by calm
And ready to return from this
Boxed gift
Sweet love in silence
Saved and savored
In the cabin in the woods.

Joining Deidra

When Tragedy Shifts Perspective–Looking Through A Lense Of Love

(Today I am linking up with some other bloggers over at Lisa Jo’s The Gypsy Mama. This is a five-minute writing fun excercise where you write for five minutes without editing, just write based on a prompt.  Today’s prompt word is “opportunity”.  This is my first time so we’ll see what flat out writing for five minutes will look like on a page.  Hope its not a big train wreck of a mess.}

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WhenTragedy Shifts Perspective-Looking Through A Lense of Love

The fresh-faced college girls stay in touch after the reunion. And when one hurts there is a dutiful one in the group who is gifted in telling so Empathy and Love can sit beside.

So the hearts of the once perky young carefrees who are now mommas can now know  what life is bringing to bear on this group of women, once locked at the hip by promise and furture, bright opportunity caling out loud.

In the line of the email as it pops up in Gmail I see tragic screaming like a mean siren on red engine fire truck, screaming and honking something is bad wrong. Something deeply painful is out there in the lines of the electronic message.

And later my wise momma friend who loves five deeply and speaks wisdom beyond her years tries to understand right beside me though she is a days car ride away.

She tells how she just tells hers everyday how much she loves them and how wonderful they are.  More wisdom, a deep black column like a monument to Hope and Love stand on the page of the Facebook Message site. It is tall and bold, processing pain looking for understanding.

And all I hear is go look for opportunity to love today.  Go seek ways to tell love anew, to affirm fresh, to spend time being and loving.  Be creative in looking for those small opportunities to just be with your child and tell him you love him as he is, where he is.  This sounds like how Jesus loves me, to me.

But I had to hear tragedy, and loss and hear of a broken beyond imaginable heart of a momma losing her son to send me running, no chasing, no sprinting breathlessly after opportunity today.

{I believe I may have gone over five minutes.  Grace needed here. Grace appreciated here.}

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