How You Love Me

After a very long “sabbatical” from Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday’s, I am joyously diving in today, again. And the prompt today is again. Writing for Five Minutes, with an ounce or two of grace.

snow at beech

The words regenerate my soul

They speak life and love into my deepest parts

Life springs from them, like watering seeds of need in me

Once is never enough, its like the steady stream of mountain rivulets that feed the ocean mighty strong

The repetitions of the beautiful, of love poured out

Tell me again like Jack and Jill and all the early once upon a times we read as children and to the children

Say it again, soft and low, long and sweet

There is no sameness, dull or colorless odorless in the repeating

Feed me like open-beaked bird who needs seed on seed on seed, at feeder long and wanting

Blanket me fresh, my cold and weary soul needs the warming words from your tongue

Tell me again and again and again

Just tell me how you love me.


12 thoughts on “How You Love Me

  1. I love how the brevity of these writes forces us to distill everything down to its most essential core. You have done that so beautifully here, my friend.
    I love you.

  2. Your link came before mine for five min Friday and I am so grateful it did. I am a poet and have searched for potent faith-based poetry and wow, I found it! I can’t wait to dive into your blog. I love how a random click can show us God’s beauty and what He is doing in His children’s lives. Bless you.

  3. You and I went to some similar places today…I’m not totally surprised. 🙂 Friend, I love what you say about these repetitions of beautiful, of love, of story poured out. We cannot hear it enough. There is no colorless, odorless in the repeating…I love that! And when we really believe this, what joy in our everyday, workaday living. Bless you, friend.

  4. I think of the words, “Tell me the old, old, story, of Jesus and His love…” Beautiful interpretation – how often we need to hear it! Love the eagerness of the baby birds. A deep sigh of, “yes!”

  5. I’m with Alia Joy — that was my favorite line, too…though it’s always hard to choose with your poetic prose, friend. I’ve missed you, too! although I get you in my reader and email…I need to stop by more!

    Love and hugs to you, Elizabeth!

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