Now Is The Time For Noticing

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Wishing you a day of cloud gazing, petal counting, flower picking, pumpkin patch bumbling. Backyard grilling, football cheering, page turning, and fireplace burning. Hoping for you a night of sunset staring, and sofa stretching, bicycle riding, and dream making. May you rest, nap, run, walk into a day which holds all that refreshes your parched and weary soul.

May you take notice of the smallest gifts, the tiniest blessings, and the richest moments in this day.

And may you make lots of time for play. Ready set go notice.


Ya’ll I am so honored, humbled and pleased to have a poem of mine, Tattooed By Grace featured at Burnside Writer’s Collective. It would be a gift to have you follow this link over to Burmside and read my offering. Very excited to be selected to be a poetry contributor there. Wow.

The series as it unfolds, may be read here. Today is day 6.

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Have I Told You Lately That You Bless Me?

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Have I told you lately that you smooth  rough patches and make soft grooves of grace in my very soul?

Have I whispered lately that your words are balm and healing ointment on my aching head?

Have I breathed  gratitude and thankfulness over all the spoken, written, holy words that come from You and yours?

When I read the words of Yours and all the Saints who drip and drop the words of gentleness on an stirring soul, I have to stop and say,

Have I told you lately that you bless me?

Do you know the power of words so tender on the tough dry patches, where the world can wear a callous on the spirit of a child?

Where all the tears and rips need healing from your very lips, the words, a  salve on grooves left by salty tears?

Have I told you lately how your grace poured out, blesses in the crevices, running deep and staying there, a soothing sought after lather on the wound.

I will tell you often that you bless me.

And bury my soul in the words from your Holy mouth and listen gently with a tender heart to the words from all your Saints.

Can you hear me tell you that you bless me?


Joining Jennifer, Duane, and Ann.

A Still Quiet Place

We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship.

(from C.S. Lewis)  
   Friends, my Sunday hope for you as you see this day begin its end is that you steal away to a quiet place for peace and friendship…wishing you His grace as you……….                  


Take a minute,

Seek the silence,

Search out solitude,

Find a friend,

Grab the good,

Rest in quiet,

Think on blessings,

Knaw on words,

Release worry,

Ponder gratitude,

Curl up in the comfortable seat of Grace

And speak your heart to a precious friend.