Now Is The Time For Noticing

c.s. lewis quote

Wishing you a day of cloud gazing, petal counting, flower picking, pumpkin patch bumbling. Backyard grilling, football cheering, page turning, and fireplace burning. Hoping for you a night of sunset staring, and sofa stretching, bicycle riding, and dream making. May you rest, nap, run, walk into a day which holds all that refreshes your parched and weary soul.

May you take notice of the smallest gifts, the tiniest blessings, and the richest moments in this day.

And may you make lots of time for play. Ready set go notice.


Ya’ll I am so honored, humbled and pleased to have a poem of mine, Tattooed By Grace featured at Burnside Writer’s Collective. It would be a gift to have you follow this link over to Burmside and read my offering. Very excited to be selected to be a poetry contributor there. Wow.

The series as it unfolds, may be read here. Today is day 6.

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3 thoughts on “Now Is The Time For Noticing

  1. Oh, yes, how I love play. I didn’t get enough of it as a kid (so responsible and care taking), so I am learning to embrace it in the everyday now. Such a gift to learn to play with my girls, recognizing God’s delight when we do. Excited to follow you over to Burnside Writers!

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