December 26th

shadows eyes and donkey

I have got my eye on you
Like a hawk
Steel eyed, glassy,
Fixed gaze
Not blinking
You have come before
And dropped the black cape on a place
On a home
Covered in paper it feels like lead weight
You taunt and tease
And say what now
You know the drain of excess and of spent lives
Spent wallets
Spent souls
And you peel back the layers
Seeing weary and wondering
But not this year
You will have no place
No room in the inn of our home
No hearts left empty from want or greed
No taking down tinsel with a tear of despair
No now what’s and what’s nows
We will call you glorious too
And name you day of continued praise
And walk out with the love came down at Christmas
The day after
And call it a day of beauty too
When hearts filled by Him and with Him and of Him
Can go out into all the world
For He has set the captives free
And so we are
Of worry want and dread
And instead
Paint all the days of gray
With berry red rejoicing

I’ve got my eyes on you
Warm stare of welcoming
You’ve slammed the door on joy
And wagged a boney finger at a home
What now you tired and weary souls
What will you do this day
As you look back on all the days of Advent
And a life which lead you to the dirty
On the mantel
In the past
We’ve wrapped Him back with care and love
And felt a sadness
It is over
When in fact
Its just begun
The day one of continued celebration
Of that bright and silent Holy
Of birth and making all things right
Here right now
We live the days of joyful man
Because we know the cross
In all its sacrifice
So day you will not live as day of infamy
And gloom and spent and sadness for an end
Of Celebration
No, the blood red rejoicing will continue
The weary world’s rejoicing
For He came and He reigns
Even and especially on
December 26th
When all the Christmas
And Christmas
And new and glorious
Lives reconciled to Him
Should find us
Falling on our Knees
And singing
The Hallelujah Chorus
To a tired and weary world

ive got my eye on you dirty donkey

Joining Jen, Eilleen and Emily today.

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donkey-3 I got my eye on you


donkey 1Now looks radiant, dressed in white, holy moment

Pregnant with possibility


Expectant flesh and bone

Deliverer of new life, new mercies

And she is fragile, tender,  a living breathing paradox

She must be opened, spent

Used up, poured out to manifest her full worth

What is not gathered up and lived out, does not roll over

And accumulate in

A pile of tomorrow,

No gathering of nows,  saved and stockpiled

For a four week vacation

Now beats to the rhythm of sweet urgency

Though a lady

She waits for all to come to her, in the tick tock minutes

As hands on clock can not keep still

They must swing around, keep the beat

Clockwise, clock steady

So now

Compels us to be fully present in the sea of possibility

Open the curtain, unwrap

The crinkle bright shiny of her dressing,


Unveil the waiting

And live with her, rejoicing.


Creating beauty out of the given.

Seeking the buried right under the surfaces of her linen coverings

Wrapping our hearts in the warmth of her pleasant embrace.

Looking for all that hangs from the tree of her offering

For the picking, the gracious taking

And the generous release

Now are the days of our lives

Now are the days of our full blown living

God gifts generously as this earth turns, tides break, and hearts beat

All eyes on her, spotlight shines bright on her

Center stage

Act one begins

The play of life

The times of your lives

Thank and live

In the Advent of our nows

And stand with loud applause

Sing sweet praise

At all that is

Worthy of a hallelujah chorus

Of praises


donkey 3
shadows eyes and donkey

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