donkey 1Now looks radiant, dressed in white, holy moment

Pregnant with possibility


Expectant flesh and bone

Deliverer of new life, new mercies

And she is fragile, tender,  a living breathing paradox

She must be opened, spent

Used up, poured out to manifest her full worth

What is not gathered up and lived out, does not roll over

And accumulate in

A pile of tomorrow,

No gathering of nows,  saved and stockpiled

For a four week vacation

Now beats to the rhythm of sweet urgency

Though a lady

She waits for all to come to her, in the tick tock minutes

As hands on clock can not keep still

They must swing around, keep the beat

Clockwise, clock steady

So now

Compels us to be fully present in the sea of possibility

Open the curtain, unwrap

The crinkle bright shiny of her dressing,


Unveil the waiting

And live with her, rejoicing.


Creating beauty out of the given.

Seeking the buried right under the surfaces of her linen coverings

Wrapping our hearts in the warmth of her pleasant embrace.

Looking for all that hangs from the tree of her offering

For the picking, the gracious taking

And the generous release

Now are the days of our lives

Now are the days of our full blown living

God gifts generously as this earth turns, tides break, and hearts beat

All eyes on her, spotlight shines bright on her

Center stage

Act one begins

The play of life

The times of your lives

Thank and live

In the Advent of our nows

And stand with loud applause

Sing sweet praise

At all that is

Worthy of a hallelujah chorus

Of praises


donkey 3
shadows eyes and donkey

Joining Emily for her Imperfect Proseimperfectprose

4 thoughts on “Now

  1. Elizabeth, such a surpise to unwrap this gift of beauty, now…
    I will also share this with my ladies at tea today.
    Blessings, and thank you for reminding me of this precious gift always here.

  2. Yes, this hope that is now and forever! Elizabeth, continually grateful for the ways we speak back and forth to each other in our writing. Such a gift. Thank you for this package, enough for today. Thankful.

  3. The not rolling over part….that is what gets me. What is not spent is simply lost. Please, Lord, open me to this moment.

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