Drips grey like a leaky fountain pen
Spills battleship, concrete, slate and
Every shade in between
Blanketing the tops of trees, no leaves
Vulnerable, branches bear, shaking at the root
In the frigid air
Suspended in a cavernous sky
Like a
Monochromatic monstrosity
The canvas wide and bleak
She sees
Sees past the bullying mid-winter blues
Yes, January
Keeps a secret
Hides it in the vortex of a
Cross- continental
Arctic blast.
Longing and desire
Grow in
Fallow fields
Laid to rest and wait
Patient in her knowing that the future is redeemable
There is hope
Oh what restless souls we are
Missing the beauty buried in the
Aching earth
Cold and lonely for new growth
But January says
Hold on
I am the doorway through which you step
From cold and void
To feasts and merriment
Hold on fast in dormant days
And know the season
Of rejoicing lies this way.
Oh January
Help us see
The beauty that is in the days
So cold and gray, seeming barren
Nestled in a quiet snowy wait
Point us to the future where
Color spills out new birth like grace
On the other side of
A world
Colored but for a moment
In endless shades of grey.



Joining friends Sandra and Deidra


The Ink From Your Heart

Release your words, let them loose, set then free, let them soothe a soul in need

Place your words on the wings of the dove and let them soar to a world which struggles to  breathe

Give your words, room to fly, to land on the threshold of the ones who ache, afflicted, in pain

Let your words be free to go, fall soft and gentle onto a soul, washing gentle encouragement over hurting man, woman

Let your words, still wet with ink leave the well of your heart, touched first by the spirit of God

And let them truly soar. 



The Spirit of God is arousing us within

Romans 8 – The Message

Praying for opportunities to speak words of encouragement and tenderness to one to the left and one to the right, all weekend long. May your weekend be peaceful, inspired by the gentle spirit of God, and open to touch another in need of transforming words from a heart that knows Him.

Joining Sandra Heska King for Still Saturday and Deidra for The Sunday Community

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Be Still Sweet Soul

Sometimes the dull, dropped, dark dank, leaves of fall

Lie broken under foot,

Like death,

Busted like dry bones crackle.

And sometimes

The path through canopy of trees,

The wood’s own trail of life

Seems paved with aged confetti,

Strewn from spring’s gay party on the path.

The leaves the same, the framing changed.

It is both and it is nature’s way,

A cycle of seasons

Under foot and heavenward

And all around.

The woods tell stories, whispered

Stories. Listen and

Be still sweet soul,

In all and know that He is


While you wonder,

While you wander,

And while you still sit

In weathered chair, of life,

Be still sweet one

And know.

Joining Deidra for her lovely Sunday Community.