The Ink From Your Heart

Release your words, let them loose, set then free, let them soothe a soul in need

Place your words on the wings of the dove and let them soar to a world which struggles to  breathe

Give your words, room to fly, to land on the threshold of the ones who ache, afflicted, in pain

Let your words be free to go, fall soft and gentle onto a soul, washing gentle encouragement over hurting man, woman

Let your words, still wet with ink leave the well of your heart, touched first by the spirit of God

And let them truly soar. 



The Spirit of God is arousing us within

Romans 8 – The Message

Praying for opportunities to speak words of encouragement and tenderness to one to the left and one to the right, all weekend long. May your weekend be peaceful, inspired by the gentle spirit of God, and open to touch another in need of transforming words from a heart that knows Him.

Joining Sandra Heska King for Still Saturday and Deidra for The Sunday Community

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6 thoughts on “The Ink From Your Heart

  1. This morning in our quiet time Jesus whispered that He gives me His words so that I will share them. Listen, listen well.

    Are now I come here to read this… and inhale a deep “amen”

    1. Oh my, I am so grateful that you shared that with me. That makes my heart soar. I want the prayer of my heart to be listen, listen well….so I can speak, speak well. Thank you for your investment in me today by way of your tender thoughtful comment. Grateful.

  2. That idea that Jesus gives us words so we can share them is so good…yes in a small evangelical way we share Jesus. In gentleness and in peace. So others can see… who he is.

    1. Sharon, if I could hear how to speak and when to speak and how to touch in peace and gentleness and grace….and WHEN TO BE QUIET. 🙂 For me, learning when to be silent too. Peace and grace on your weekend. You speak words of gentleness to me, always.

  3. The Spirit of God is arousing us within — yes. I love that the One within gives the heart ink for the words that build up, heal. How amazing that he gives us words to do his work. Bless you, friend.

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