Waiting On The Super Moon


Blue Moon HMM



Waiting On A Super Moon

She came at the dark like
A mad woman
Chasing it with a frenzied pent up
Mother bear
Mother hen
Don’t mess with me
Mad at the thief
Who steals the light

Righteous indignation

Weary from her spinning round
She stopped to catch her breath
And caught a glimpse of
In the end

It was there
She rested in the Truth

In reminders
Of Creation’s dazzling
Super Moons and super Hope
And raging alone in darkness
Would be
No more

The brightest Light could douse the flames
Lapping at her feet
Would drown the darkness
And the thief

The dark could never win
And she could finally sleep

Until the next time
She would come at the dark
Like a mad woman
Chasing it with a frenzied pent up …

By the Light of the Moon



Poetic Revisions Of A Familiar Verse


Poetic Revisions Of A Familiar Verse

Forgive me
It is perfect as it is
But in this fallen, sinful world
And at the heart of this fallen, sinful girl
And at this broken, busted moment in a
Broken busted world
We cry out for a collective
And lament
While we suddenly identify more and more
With poor old Job
And snark was never my thing
Really but
Sometimes lamenting
Can take you down that path

There is a season for sadness
Weeping and wailing
Wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth

Burying one’s head in the sand
Has its season too

There is a season for turning from the news
It is all so terribly sad
And one for mowing through
Kleenex by the fistful
And burying one’s head in the pile of pillows
While hiding in four hundred thread count sheets
Poster child for First World Problems
At first glance

Oh but and and and however there is also
A time for new birth and  hope
A time for hummingbirds to dance
And songbirds to sing 
And old gardeners to get out
And scratch in the dirt
Lingering in the sunshine while there is still
A sun to shine

There is a time to sit and breathe and count
The mushrooms sprouting wildly on the hill

A time to notice dark green moss
Reaching out to hold your hand
Their tiny fingers seem to reach and wave
And call you to slow down

There is a time to hold on to what is past
And a time for sweet release 
In love
To let it go, loosely

There is a time to say Im sorry and a time
To say
I meant to say
I am really really sorry
Forgive me for my pride

There is a time to say you silly goose
A time to laugh and play
To sit with piles of children’s book
With a child  at heart
Two women who have long turned grey
Slowly savoring each page

There is a time to scatter grace and a time
To count your gifts

There is a time to grieve and say
Life seems so very fragile
Especially today
Oh most especially today

There is a time to call a friend
And talk for hours upon hours on end

To bite your tongue, to hold that thought
To let it go, to take a bite of every piece of
Spirit fruit, especially long-suffering

There is a time to read old words
Savor them once again
To pull out pictures of the family
And tell the old familiar stories
Re-visit your childhood, yet again

To trust and hope, to extend grace
That’s been said before
A time to dance and to rejoice
To whirl and twirl, make sure your music’s
Turned up very very loud

There is always time for poetry
For poets to play with words
To make up random lines
And there’s always time for prose

There’s time for resignation and a time to
Begin anew
A time for patience and a time for even more patience
And a time for ….
Well you see where I am going with the patience thing
I’m preaching to myself
Not at you

There is a time for humor
For belly laughter and tears
To live as a child again
To look past life’s pain
And old worries, anxieties and fear

Rejoice with me in what is good and holy
Celebrate the beauty risen from the ash

And in the end
Settle in each season
Not wishing it to pass.



Joining Jennifer Dukes Lee


Joining Laura for Playdates

What Do You Say

what do you say dear



What Do You Say

Her lips belong to a mouth
Pursed, silent
Inches from a slightly breaking heart

Connected by sinew, muscle and bone

To one single solitary
Pair of  hands
Reaching for a father,
with a broken memory
Arms joined by joints and blood
Stretched in love to a broken mind

As a mother

Her hands reach for a leaving
Growing up
Going off
Grasping for adulthood
Straddling her youth

Bound by love
To one who is weary
Worried, tossed
Turning and churning
Yet still, a comforter in times of

I say more

But there is
That pair of ears
Latched on
To words of a young man
Planning to marry
Love launches from the mouth of a man
Steeped in love
Who was just a boy
Digging in deep, rooting his love

It would all be so perfect

If someone would say
To her

Dear, this life is filled
With beautiful broken
Of life

What would you say

Silently wiping her tears

I would say
I love you




Joining sweet Laura at The Wellspring

Merry Christmas – Christmas: A Time For New Birth

Merry Christmas friends. Thanking God today and everyday  for you all. And wishing each one of  you a day filled with friends and family, love and hope, peace and joy.

And rest for your weary souls.

Today I am honored to be at my friend Diane W. Bailey’s blog telling a Christmas story filled with memories and gratitude. You are invited to hear a story that brings me joy to share. Click the link to read……and Merry Christmas with love and rejoicing. ( Oh, and it is snowing on my blog. Did you notice.)

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