I Am So Very Sorry

ms georgia

That when it rained it poured
Perfect love casts out fear, I fear
My sin hurt you
Are loved
More than you know
How very much I want you to heal
The broken places in your life
Is filled with hurt
Breaks your heart and mine as well
Let us drown in grace and seek forgiveness
Is the gift that Christ offers me and you
Are forgiven
Am I
Is  patient and kind, forgive
Me, I
Love you
Are perfectly and wonderfully made
By God
Knows I am sorry
I hurt your
The chains
Bind an unforgiving heart.

Joining Laura Boggess at The Wellspring

Simply Kind

summer veggies

She measured the grace she’d been given
The grace she’d given and recalled
The fragile mercy that faltered
Fell rotten from the vine
Missed the perfect time for picking

Because keeping up and tabs and score
Bring nothing but hauntingly familiar pain
And they can take a soul to the brink
Of dissatisfied

Shatters all the dreams for harmony
A perfect pitched life of faith and love
Of getting on and getting past
And loving again
With everyone in her  world, the one in which she lives and breathes
And stumbles, errs, trips up and forgets when to speak and when to listen

Well in love, where to step and how and when

Throw open the window
And let grace blow in
Rustle the curtains and carry out the stale narrative of past grievances
Let freedom fly on the kite tails
Of the tender mercies
We simply choose
To forgive

Wind whistles during the storm
And after
Comes the quite
The pregnant pauses ripe for reconciling

Score keepers and old story telling
And not looking a man in the eyes
Drain faith
Dampen hope
Mute the message of
The Gospel

She wants to see faith at work

And just saying hello to your brother
And not walking away from a sister

You don’t know how
The Gospel
Speaks so sweetly
When you, the messengers are

Simply kind

She wants to see faith at work


the nets - mcvl at  night the mary margaretGiddy-Up

Yesterday I felt the sad creep up
Mixed with confusion
Draped around my soul
I swallowed my tears, the hurt in my inside
Places, deep and dark
Pushed them down
With all my might

And all the while I wrestled
Joy was creeping up and in
Waiting to soothe me with her balm
It was the words of a sister friend
And news waiting to rock me gentle
Balm on gaping throbbing

And faith restored in me
In eyes that met
In love standing on the dock
Reminding me of love
That overcomes
Screamed the breeze
That brought the joy
That raised me up again

And I recalled the moments giddy
Cheered me up
A flash of scattered happy
At small and wondrous things
And I recall the look of kids at work
Hanging over sides of boats
Beside a mender of the nets

So I raise mine
In hopes of catching giddy joy
Even while I stand graveside today at two
Especially there
Remembering that life will always
Bring me joy
If I raise my net high, in the breeze when it blows hard
When it comes gentle
While I raise my net
Untangling sadness from the threads
Breathing deep of sweet forgiveness

And reminding and remembering
The days of giddy-up
Are here
When I stand beside the grave
At two o’clock today

The Healing – Letters From The Village

little church

There is a place
Planted, sacred, holy
In the light, separated
No darkness
There at all
That quietly waits to drip the peace

Where wrinkles smooth,
Hurt heals, tears  dry
Love prevails and grace rains down
Pelting, puddling pools of amazing

And there is a place
in the middle of life
Where forgiveness is holy
Set apart, the seed of unforgiveness
Separated from the soil
Plucked from a compost, mix of blackened sin
Parched place of holding fast

Struggle, sister, not in vain
To kill the root of hurt and pride
Resist the pull to hold to hurt
Let it go and breathe the breath of hope
New and fresh
The living hope that circles round the tender

And there settles in the folds
Of human flesh
A simple healing balm
Poured out by all the
But God’s we’ve ever read
Which lead when followed to a sacred place
Though drenched by oceans
Of your grief
The drying has begun in part

And there rests a holy mystery
A rising from the ashes
Mixed with rivulets of tears
A birthing of redemption
Burst forth, life new
Nested in the arms of tender loving
The mystery of mercy
Shall be a mystery while
We see this side of glory
But through fragile human eyes
If you should ask to glimpse forgiveness
Through heaven’s lens
The mystery dims, it fades
A faith restores wholeness in the healing
Worthy of a alleluia chorus and
Man’s boldest cries of amen.

So sing a song of healing
Whisper soft
Or trumpet loud

But fold in the notes
Of sweet forgiveness
And let the
Redemption song begin.

joining sweet Laura full of grace at Laura Boggess dot com for her Playdates at The Wellspring and with Jen at findingheaventoday dot blogspot.com




ame church
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