I Am So Very Sorry

ms georgia

That when it rained it poured
Perfect love casts out fear, I fear
My sin hurt you
Are loved
More than you know
How very much I want you to heal
The broken places in your life
Is filled with hurt
Breaks your heart and mine as well
Let us drown in grace and seek forgiveness
Is the gift that Christ offers me and you
Are forgiven
Am I
Is  patient and kind, forgive
Me, I
Love you
Are perfectly and wonderfully made
By God
Knows I am sorry
I hurt your
The chains
Bind an unforgiving heart.

Joining Laura Boggess at The Wellspring

4 thoughts on “I Am So Very Sorry

  1. Elizabeth, I am not normally of fan of poetry. But your words – I watch the form, I wonder how you put them together to say so much with so few, I follow the thoughts as you build. You inspire me.
    I pray for reconciliation, strong and full of hope and love.

  2. Oh Elizabeth…drowning in grace, this healing while tearing is the beautiful death towards resurrection. Thank you for illustrating the love pain so well.

  3. I am not good at interpreting poetry either, but your words here today exactly expressed what I need to say to my son tonight. Thanks – I appreciate your gift so deeply.

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