Get Up And Go


Get Up And Go

The idea of an approaching speed limit sign
For an age
Comes racing at me
In warped speed
I am on the Autobaun
Okay with a few passing me
But not okay with everyone leaving me
A sad sack in the rearview mirror of their
Adrenalin fueled lives
I want to join the human
Bowed before the throne of God
WIth my gifts in tact
As I approach the finish line
Shoot the wad, spend it all

The word latched on to me like a barnacle

I carry it more as a compass than a parasite
This “Go”

Mercy attended my soul
In the pages of Acts where poet
And I was drenched in  grace
Like an oil change or a tire change
Tune up for the soul
For a road weary poet warrior
The day it leapt off the page at me
Was the day I was bone tired with the heart cry
Brittle and parched
This heart of mine
Restless for poetry
For you it may be serving soup at the soup kitchen
It was the day I wanted to trade with
For nobler, grander, meeker, more sacred
Hand me the ladle
Bless my heart I am ready to serve

Gifts are sweeter when they come wrapped
In tissue thin paper
My old blue leather Bible hid it until
The time was right
And I was pathetically
Dazed and confused

So I am back on the poetic highway
No yellow line down the middle
Demarcation of prose from poetry
Tuned up by Holy “what?”
Just for me
Laid the questions to rest
No longer scratching my head
Like a dog his fleas
I hear the poetry in the Psalms
And see it in every hive of bee
And crest of wave
Cracked egg and broken shell
Fog and rain, whoop of crane

These things He designed
Pure poetry

I asked her “why”
And she said “why not”
Why didn’t I think of the better
Surer way to skin that cat
Rip open the package
Tear off the bow

Appears I forgot to say thank you

Don’t march this to the jury box
And make it state it’s case
It is a poem
Not theology
Nor doctrine
It is servant’s cry
And Artist God
And lingering in holy love there
Though He made me

Lover Of My Soul
And creator of the longing
That goes to the back lit
Mac with the apple carved there
It is the one bite out
That reminds me of sin

And poetess prays
Lead me to the raging waters
That are calmed by the
Words on a page

Or lead me to the quiet streams of words
For Yours
And a heart for you

Go with me in to the wordy wilderness
And grant me Your Peace
And now I am not compelled to word search
For a number to proclaim
But You know me well and I won’t promise
I won’t

Seek and find every bit of poetry
Laying in the lines
Somewhere between Genesis and Revolution

Ladle in one hand
Pen in the other
If you seek you will find
Me, with poetry

I got up and went
Until I break down again
Ever in need of a Holy Hand


one word 350


The We Factor

wpid-20140207_144630.jpgThey sit
A James Beard quote
Captured in black-tie fancy
Letters dance
Whirling in a  circle on a wooden
Across from her
She sips her soup as I sip mine
Gnawing the marrow off the bone
Of shared words
Ravenous for more
Ingesting life through the straw of
Words carry a life-blood
And we are carnivores for more
Seek sacred echoes
Affirm me
Confirm my call
Hear what is
Burrowed deep
Mine with me
Sort with me
Dream with me
Stop and stare awhile with me

I was formed
For fellowship

Propped in a corner

Quiet attends a soul
Peers out of solitude
Peels back layers
Blood and flesh
To the core

They are
Nestled in between
Swirling words
Bubbled up above
The din
Of a crowded room
Filled with pairs
And groups of
Two’s and ten’s
We’s breaking bread

Empty she came
Full she departs

Birthed into a world
Cravers of community
Fellowship feeds
The sisterhood hole
Formed for filling
By another

Meant to live as we’s
Alone and lonely, but for a time
The season of communion is ripe
Ready for the longing
Called into
This time

To live as one
In him
Holy exponential
Multiplier of all