The We Factor

wpid-20140207_144630.jpgThey sit
A James Beard quote
Captured in black-tie fancy
Letters dance
Whirling in a  circle on a wooden
Across from her
She sips her soup as I sip mine
Gnawing the marrow off the bone
Of shared words
Ravenous for more
Ingesting life through the straw of
Words carry a life-blood
And we are carnivores for more
Seek sacred echoes
Affirm me
Confirm my call
Hear what is
Burrowed deep
Mine with me
Sort with me
Dream with me
Stop and stare awhile with me

I was formed
For fellowship

Propped in a corner

Quiet attends a soul
Peers out of solitude
Peels back layers
Blood and flesh
To the core

They are
Nestled in between
Swirling words
Bubbled up above
The din
Of a crowded room
Filled with pairs
And groups of
Two’s and ten’s
We’s breaking bread

Empty she came
Full she departs

Birthed into a world
Cravers of community
Fellowship feeds
The sisterhood hole
Formed for filling
By another

Meant to live as we’s
Alone and lonely, but for a time
The season of communion is ripe
Ready for the longing
Called into
This time

To live as one
In him
Holy exponential
Multiplier of all

3 thoughts on “The We Factor

  1. Wow, how do you do that? I’m in awe, really. Beautiful tribute to our fun lunch together. Filled me up in all the best ways. Let not the time in between drag on too long until the next one.

  2. Wow is right! I just stumbled on your sight for the first time. Subscribing now. I can tell there’s much to be learned here. Your phrase “Fellowship feeds/The sisterhood hole/Formed for filling/By another” resonates after an unexpected visit from a precious friend this week. I’ve read it all over multiple times already. Just beautiful.

  3. Lovely words about fellowship and friendship, both soul-food for the weary and lonely. We were not meant to live alone but to live in communion with one another, to fill each other up as we go along on the journey.

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