When One Plus One Equals One

Today’s 5 Minute Friday word prompt is Join… Join me on a five minute writing journey to see where we go. Just five minute of typing away. Knowing you are here with me, joining in, well that’s pure Joy.


How do you wrap understanding around mystery. A God designed mystery of one plus one equals one, standing at the altar in white and black all open hearted and wide-eyed. And walking away you are one.

How do you grasp a life of together where one by one the little ones join you and you become family, united by a name you share and a life you make together.

It is a beautiful mystery of magnificent making. To look back on the days of life since you held sweaty hands and stood wobbly kneed and ran from a shower of flower petals to a waiting car where you held hands with a new name and an unknown future.

And the more days you live the more the mystery deepens of how loving another and making a life is wonderful.

Happily Joining with Lisa Jo Baker at Lisa Jo Baker dot com and her amazing Friday community.