War and Rumors of War

Men wag tongues, wave swords
Raise the roof with arguments for truth
And God help us
A pink sky slowly burns
From color bombs bursting in air
Hot and cold
Colors contribute to the mixed up
Majesty of celestial art
Peace prevails
All is quiet on this Southern front
Where the other cheek turns
And we delight in
A salty peace
Brown pelicans thunder overhead
This is the world
In which I work and play
But world’s away
Mankind connects, threaded by one flesh
Linking hands around a fallen
World, awaken by grief
Thundering loud
A cry of war and rumors of war
One solitary broken heart for peace

Summer Gives Her Window Seat to Fall

{Photograph courtesy of H.M. Miller, my friend, her art, a gift. I receive with humility and gratitude.}

Sitting at the edge of change. And a racing heart competes with a flood of salty wet.

Soaking in on the edge of change. And the Beautiful now wrestles with the pregnant possibilities of tomorrow’s new.

Teetering on the edge of change. And the Uncertain and the Unknowing play rock, paper, scissors with the potential outcome.

Dreaming on the edge of change. And Hope and Trust dance together… a beautiful pas de deux of love.

Anchoring the soul on the edge of change. And Faith rests knowing that the days are numbered and the battles are won.

Abiding on the edge of change. And relationship with Him secures the fretting heart and fixes the soul eyes squarely on the One who knows.

Embracing change on the edge. Surrendering to change on the edge. Loving change while tip-toeing around and on the edge.

Sleeping soundly on the edge with Change. While Summer gives her window seat to Autumn. And the window is rolled all the way down.

Linking today with Joy here and here.